Auction Tips

 A.S. James & Associates Limited will list all properties scheduled for Online Public Auction with the property specifications, photographs, particulars and conditions of sale, scheduled date and time along with the starting bidding price. Once you have registered and are approved you are eligible to participate in the bidding process on  any existing listing within six  (6) months from date of acceptance.


Things To Do Before Bidding

We know that purchasing a property is an important and huge decision, therefore, we advise that you give the matter careful consideration and due diligence. While we are aware that the allure of an attractive property being offered for sale, at an even greater price is extremely attractive, our recommendation is that you complete your due diligence before proceeding with making an offer on a property.

Important Tips To Guide You

  •  Visit your financial institution and request a Pre-Approval Letter (PAL). This document will show you the amount you qualify for to receive as a loan. 


  • In the event it is a cash transaction proof of funds (e.g. bank statements, letter from the financial institution etc.), will be required.


  • It is our suggestion that you seek the guidance from a reputable Valuation Company to ascertain their opinion on values of properties within the area where the  property is being sold.


  • If possible, visit the property to view. If you are unable to gain access to the property, photographs are available on our website.


  • We recommend that you read the entire document of the Particulars & Conditions of Sale, as there might be clarification needed before participating.

Participation In The Online Property Auction


So, you have completed your due diligence and now it's time to register!

Let's Get Started

Registration Process prior to the start of the Auction.

Click on the link that says "Click Here To Register" to see all the documents required to be uploaded.

After completing the registration process and uploading the relevant documents, the documents will be reviewed and contact will be made with you if any of the documents require clarification/justification. If all is in order, a ticket number will be assigned to you.

With the assigned ticket number, you are now able to visit the platform and bid as soon as the Bidding process begins.

After the Auction is completed, the successful Bidder will be contacted and given 24 hours to pay the required deposit of 10% (ten per cent) of the winning bid, via the payment options communicated.

Should you require any additional information, please contact the Auctioneer at 876-754-0043-4 or email (